Professional R&D Team
Aollen pays great attention to R&D, and have established a complete and mature R&D team. In our R&D team, there are many doctors and masters who are professional in manufacture, quality management and control, animal nutrition and feed processing, all of these professionals graduated from famous universities in China, some of them once accepted oversea high education, and have many years work experience in this industry. This professional team could guarantee that we provide good and stable quality products to customers, and supply more innovative products by our sustaining research and exploration, help customers to find better nutritional solution in increasingly severe market competition.


R&D Platform
Based on ourselves’ research team, Aollen strengthened technology power, and improved the innovation abilities by collaborating with universities. Aollen has set up good cooperation relationship with Shandong University, East China University of Science and Technology, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, Liaocheng University, etc. Aollen has established Technology R&D Center together with Shandong University and Liaocheng University, to keep our leading position in the industry.


R&D Achievements
The achievements for proprietary or collaborative R&D include, the preparation method of D-phenylalanine, the preparation method of Ursodeoxycholic acid, the new method of process producing Choline Chloride Liquid, the new process of producing Choline Chloride powder, the method of producing cooking auxiliary agent for papermaking by waste residue of 1-aminoanthraquinone, the preparation of PVC emulsion, the preparation of stable sodium hypochloride solution, the method for extraction of 1-nitroanthraquinone from waste residue of nitroanthraquinone, the method for comprehensive utilization of 1- nitroanthraquinone, one preparation method of Betaine Anhydrous etc.